SlimScan Scans All Those Annoying Taxi Cab Receipts

Maybe you have a wallet or purse full of them. Maybe you’ve lost more than your share of critical receipts and were burned down the road as a result. Whatever the reason, saving receipts is important for a lot of people out there, but I’d be willing to guess few see it as particularly enjoyable. SlimScan might not change that, but it’ll at least make it easier.

Instead of tucking away those receipts who-knows-where, you can use SlimScan to scan them. SlimScan will save a digital copy for you that you can print out later. I’m not sure how stores will feel about seeing a receipt that obviously isn’t an original if you need to return something, but if you need to save receipts for record-keeping or business reimbursements, there’s no question that SlimScan would be very nice to have around. Better yet, it’s wallet-sized – about the size of a credit card. Despite its small size, the scanner can scan high-resolution color images.

The SlimScan itself has a small preview window, and can connect to desktops for printing via USB. It also comes with PlanOn’s Receipt Management System, which helps you to organize receipts into folders for different events and purposes, to help keep reimbursements easy and straightforward for people in the business world.

Of course, there isn’t some magic block that limits the SlimScan to receipts. You can use it to scan anything you want, but PlanOn specifically touts the ability to scan business cards, which are a good size to be picked up clearly by the SlimScan. The SlimScan can also pick up handwritten notes and, using Optical Charatcer Recognition, can convert those handwritten notes, along with the text on the receipt or business card, into editable text.

The SlimScan measures 2” 3.1” x .12” and is made from stainless steel, so it won’t snap in two in your purse or wallet. It can store about 60o images at once, and the resolution is 300 dpi with 24 bit color. The SlimScan is available now for about $140.

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