iPad App of the Week: NBC Olympics Live Extra – the Definitive App for This Year’s Olympic Games

NBC Olympics Live Extra just might be the only app you need for this year’s Olympic Games – the free app allows you to watch every event of the London Olympics. You can receive push notifications when your favorite events start, or you can browse only the gold medal events that are currently ongoing. Those with new iPads will be able to watch those events in 1080p.

Most of the events can be recorded via DVR, and there will be full event replays available for any events that you want to watch but happen to miss. News, updates, and photos will be available on the app, as well.

Regrettably, the app suffers from a few poor design choices, like the inexplicable lack of landscape mode, and no full-screen video. It’s still the Olympic Games, and you’re still getting it free (as long as you live in the United States), but those design choices will be a turn off for many.

NBC Olympics Live Extra is available now for free on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad.


  1. This app has such GREAT potential but unfortunately falls short in just about every way except for the streaming playback. (And you CAN get landscape video playback, but no landscape mode otherwise.)

    I have yet to get a notification for a single of my favorite sports, even though there have been events in at least three of them.

    Also note that it can only be used by those in the US that meet the following qualifications:

    1) Must have a cable/satellite tv subscription with an official partner (but the list seems huge and includes all sorts of podunk operations). Internet-only subscribers need not bother.

    2) Said subscription must include MSNBC.

    I will say however, there have already been at least three updates in the first week of the app’s release so they get an A for effort but a C for delivery. (It’s almost like the app developers have never used a mobile device, let alone an iPad).

  2. Oh, and the Opening Ceremony wasn’t available on this app either; I don’t think they’ve made it available in full for later viewing either, just “highlight” videos.

  3. To the article writer… you obviously haven’t used the app– or have very low standards.

    The live stream video is lousy (blurry, especially when enlarged) (and this is from someone with very low standards on video quality–we don’t even have HD or see what the fuss is about),

    the sound is poor and much too low,

    you’re forced to register your life away, and

    there’s advertising everywhere– in banners, in LOUD videos (somehow, the sound manages to be fine for them), in the middle of events, at the end of a run, etc.

    In short, this is a travesty. It’s such a shame as the idea of live streaming is a good one… and even having it be supported by selectively, well placed ads is OK by me (or provide a version for a couple of bucks without advertising)–but this is deeply flawed!

    I strongly encourage readers to read the reviews on iTunes before downloading.

  4. The video is so blurry you can’t even read the words. Utterly useless. This is 2012 for goodness sake, not 1912.

  5. We are not getting it “for free”. You have to have a cable/satellite subscription, which is by no means free.

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