Talking Ginger App is Now a Plush Doll That Refuses to Shut Up

Have you heard of Talking Ginger ? Well if you haven’t then you probably have been living in a dark, dark, hole somewhere. This adorable (yet creepy) cat has been making people laugh hysterically for quite some time now. For those who need a refresher, Talking Ginger is an app (that features a ginger colored cat) that will repeat everything you say to it while she blow dries her cat hair, brushes her kitty teeth, or rolls toilet paper, all at your behest of course.

While amusing at first, Ginger can get old – pretty fast. Hence the debut of Talking Friends Superstars. These furry friends won’t laugh and giggle if you tickle their tummies, instead, through the Talking Ginger app or similar apps from the Talking Friends series, the dolls will talk and interact with you and with each other. Yes it does sound a bit like Furby, but in the shape of cat – and albeit a lot cuter looking.

Best of all, there is no WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity required for these little guys to work. The app magically transmits a high-frequency sound so that the doll can interact with you and other Talking Friends Superstar dolls. And if you don’t feel like using the app to interact with Ginger, she also comes equipped with several buttons for you to press and elicit a reaction.

While kids should probably be more drawn to these plushes than adults – the release of Ted seems to have changed all that. Me thinks Ginger is about to get a whole lot more colorful with her speech.

Talking Tom Superstar, Talking Ginger Superstar and Talking Angela Superstar dolls  are available now for $49.95.