TYLT Releases NFC Stickers, Wireless Speakers and Accessories

Tagstand is one of the early companies to get in on creating products and applications that take advantage of the emerging NFC feature increasingly found on mobile devices. The company is now partnering up with TYLT, an accessories maker, to create brand new NFC-equipped accessories for 2013.

One will be a portable speaker called Tunz. Tunz is your standard Bluetooth speaker, but with an NFC twist. The speaker can act as a sort of large NFC sticker, allowing you to switch profiles or activate certain features on your phone with a tap. That could be as simple as programming the NFC features on the Tunz to launch whatever app you use to play music. There’s also a built-in noise cancelling microphone, in case you want to use Tunz as a portable speakerphone. You can customize Tunz a little, too – the red band on the speaker is interchangeable, and the speaker itself actually comes with three bands, so extra customization doesn’t equal having to shell out more money. Battery life is put at an impressive 20 to 30 hours.


Capio is one product that has already been part of TYLT’s line of accessories. It’s a mount for smartphones meant to be used in vehicles. The mount uses a non-abrasive sticky surface, so you can just toss your smartphone on when you get into the car without too much fuss. The mount itself attaches to the car’s windshield using a heavy-duty suction cup. The partnership with Tagstand will bring NFC to the Capio, in much the same way they brought it to the Tunz – placing your smartphone on the mount will trigger whatever actions you choose to program using Tagstand’s NFC Task Launcher app.


Finally, TYLT will begin selling Tagz, which are simply NFC stickers that can be placed anywhere and programmed using Tagstand’s app. You can throw them around the house and use and reuse them for whatever you want – like sticking one near the sofa in the living room and programming it to launch an app used to control a smart TV, or activating a new profile, like silent mode, when you put your phone on your nightstand before going to sleep. They’ll come in packs of six, which will include two different colors.

Tunz is scheduled to ship on April 1 of this year, but you can preorder one now on TYLT’s website for about $150. The NFC-equipped Capio is expected sometime in February of this year, but we’re not yet sure how much more it will cost than the original, non-NFC Capio, which is still selling for $30. No word on how much the Tagz will go for, either, but TYLT says they will also be available sometime in February.