Belkin Express Dock for iPad Review

We previously reviewed the Belkin Charge + Sync Dock for iPhone 5 and gave it high remarks for being the great missing iPhone accessory that Apple never made. Now Belkin has introduced the Express Dock for iPad which is essentially a bigger version of the Charge + Sync Dock that can also charge the iPad.

So yes, the new Express Dock for iPad can accommodate both an iPad and iPhone. But it goes beyond that by also being able to accommodate your device while it has a case on. That is right, even a bulkier iPad (4th gen) or iPad Mini with a case on should be ok to rest on the Express Dock. The Express Dock manages to do this with a manual dial on its back that is used to raise and lower its built-in Lightning connector. Thanks to this dial, we were able to rest our iPad and iPhone on the dock, even with a variety of different cases on. Unfortunately most open book cases are still not a good fit for the Express Dock – but you can never please all of the people all of the time.


Like its predecessor, the Express Dock for iPad is a pretty essential accessory for iPad users. It lets you charge an sync your iPad (or iPhone) while keeping it propped up. It even lets you do so with the case on. Our biggest gripe with this accessory however is that it’s on the pricey side at $59. That said, its build quality is excellent, and you’re also getting a quality 4 foot lightning cable to use, so that is worth taking into consideration.

The Good: Very practical and useful accessory, great build quality, props iPhone / iPad up while it’s charging and syncing, fits most cases, aluminum-like finish matches iPhone / iPad, will let you charge your iPad or iPhone with most cases still on, powerful enough to charge iPad, matches Apple’s aesthetics, includes 4-foot USB cable, and  2 year warranty.

The Bad: Pricey and open book cases cases are not supported.