Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week Runway Show Looked Like a Daft Punk Concert

Paris Fashion Week is underway, and as usual, we wish we were there. But, we can admire Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel from afar, and why wouldn’t we? Chanel embraced tech at their runway show at the Grand Palais yesterday, turning the runway into a row of wired up servers. That’s our kind of runway, but that’s nothing compared to what was actually coming down that runway.

Chanel debuted their 2017 spring/summer collection at the show, and as usual for Karl Lagerfeld, it wasn’t boring. The shiny tweed coats took a backseat to Stormtrooper-looking shin guards and the helmet of the lost third member of Daft Punk. Looks like there were also mittens that maybe look hard and not practical? That’s the kind of high fashion we’re all about.

Apparently the look has been dubbed the Cocobot on Instagram. In the not too distant future, every home will have a Cocobot to act as their personal fashion assistant. Well, that’s the utopian Cocobot future, anyway. It’s either that or we’re looking at a more brutal, highly scalable fashion police of the future. Not sure which one I want more, actually.

Via Mashable