HP Will No Longer Work on the Elite X3, and Now the Windows Phone Platform is Really Dead and Gone

The last major high-end Windows phone will no longer be developed from here on out.

The HP Elite X3 came out at a strange time. HP announced the device, a premium smartphone running Windows 10, in February of last year. Positioned as an enterprise device, it was meant to lead efforts among Microsoft and its partners to champion Windows 10 as a viable smartphone platform. Thing is, HP might have been more into it than Microsoft — only a few months later, Microsoft essentially wrote off their acquisition of Nokia’s handset division as a loss while cutting thousands of jobs involved with Microsoft’s mobile plans. Then, earlier this year, Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Phone 8.1 and suggested that there wasn’t much interest in pushing Windows 10 as a mobile platform.

That’s a long way of saying that it comes as no surprise that HP will no longer work on developing the Elite X3, per a report from The Register. That means that future major updates to the phone are unlikely, and HP has even gone so far as to say that they will cease supporting the phone by 2019, meaning the phone won’t even receive security updates past that point.

In speaking with Nick Lazaridis, the head of HP Inc.’s EMEA division, The Register learned that HP doesn’t have much stock left, and plans to sell what they do have to bidders, presumably meaning HP will only do business-to-business sales. The report also suggests that HP will not produce any new units from here on out.

The Elite X3 was made primarily to champion the Continuum feature in Windows 10. Continuum was able to change the Windows 10 UI to suit different display sizes — by plugging the phone into a dock for use with a monitor, Continuum could turn the phone’s mobile UI into the more familiar Windows 10 desktop UI, making the phone a useful all-in-one device. It appears the feature wasn’t enough to make sales meet expectations for anyone involved, and with the Elite X3 not getting any more resources, the last premium Windows phone has been abandoned.