Even the Jedi and Sith Can Agree on These Star Wars Rings

Are the Jedi going to survive past The Last Jedi? Sounds ominous! Whatever their fate is after Episode VIII, we know one thing for sure — them and their Sith counterparts will still be inspiring geeky fashion in this galaxy for years to come. Just take a look at these incredible Star Wars rings — some of are worthy of a romance that hopefully is more Han and Leia than Anakin and Padme!

This intricate ring has an amethyst set between two sterling silver Rebel symbols, but you can upgrade to a ruby or emerald!

Custom Made – starting at $790

These lightsaber rings have such a clever design! But, you have to ask for a quote for one of these, so I hope you’ve been doing a lot of Kessel Runs lately.

Takaya’s Custom Jewelry

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