14 Perfect Masculine Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Star Wars Fanatic in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is coming up! May the Force be with anyone in a relationship. Then again, if you’re with a Star Wars fanatic, Valentine’s Day is kinda easy! Everything (seriously, wait until you see some of this stuff) under the sun has gotten the Star Wars treatment at some point, so your odds of finding something your SO is going to love? Well, we’d never presume to tell you the odds. They’re probably good, though.

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Philips Perfect Shave Electric Razor

told you everything has gotten the Star Wars treatment. This is, we imagine, the official razor of the First Order — we should note that Kylo Ren does appear to be a regular beard shaver, unless he just can’t grow one. It’s a possibility. Anyway, this shaver brings more to the table than Sith red and black — the head has been designed to provide a smoother shave with less hair pulling during the shaving process. I can confirm that is a problem.

Philips – $260

Taylor Made Star Wars Gift Box

So first and foremost all this golf stuff comes in a tasteful box, which is huge during Valentine’s Day. In the box is the ultimate assortment of things for the person who makes lightsaber noises when they take out their 3-iron — a few balls, a ball marker, a divot replacer, and some microfiber towels, all with Star Wars on them. Taylor Made isn’t selling them, but you can roll the dice on eBay if you’re feeling lucky.


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