All The Facts You Need To Know About Kim And Kanye’s Relationship

Unlike some celebrity couples, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seem to have a very solid relationship. Even though they’re megastars, the two have kept their personal lives as private as they can.

Something we love about their relationship is how supportive they are of one another. Although Kanye doesn’t love the spotlight like Kim does, he constantly encourages her to keep putting her life out there if it makes her happy.

The same can be said for Kim, of Kanye – she has stood by him through all of his meltdowns and Twitter tantrums.

Instagram; pictured above are Kim and Kanye smiling away together for the camera

It seems that these two are totally meant to be. Many people didn’t think they would last but, they’re continuing to prove them wrong.

There is a lot more to their relationship than meets the eye.

Instagram; pictured above are Kim and Kanye having a good time together

Kim and Kanye first met back in 2004, way before Keeping Up With The Kardashians had been developed.

During this time Kim was married to her first husband Damon Thomas and she was working as an assistant to the singer Brandy.

The two met when Kanye and Brandy were recording “Talk About Our Love.”

Kim was asked to come to the recording studio because Brandy had requested that she bring alcohol.

Kayne recalls being immediately smitten when he first saw Kim and asked his manager to find out who she was. A few years passed and Kanye’s crush on Kim intensified.

Instagram; pictured above are Kim and Kanye wearing casual clothes

He recalls seeing a picture of Kim, vacationing with Paris Hilton, and knowing he needed to be with her.

After initially meeting, the two became friends and Kanye kept pining for Kim.

In 2010, the two began to casually see each other. However, both of them hold true to their statements that there was nothing serious going on between them at the time.

Instagram; pictured above are Kim and Kanye pose together for a photo

In fact, both Kim and Kanye had numerous relationships before they started dating each other.

One of Kanye’s exes, Amber Rose, claimed that Kanye cheated on her with Kim while they were dating.

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