This Mom Completely Trashed Her Teen Daughter’s Room And The Internet Thinks She’s Psychotic

“I read from a mommy blogger a few years ago, that when her kid’s drawers weren’t organized she would make a mess for them to organize the right way.”

“I considered it for a few years, but now that the kids are old enough, I think it’s the way to go for us.”

“I haven’t had to do this until yesterday, I walked into my 16-year-old’s room while she was Facetiming her boyfriend, and saw her basket of laundry that needed to be folded and out of curiosity, opened her drawers, and saw she has shoved her clothes in there.”

“I started making a mess and she screamed “Mom why?” and I told her she knew why.”

“After that I walked out of her room, she explained to her boyfriend what I did and he says “Your mom’s f****** crazy bruh” and I peek my head into her room, give her a look, and she ends the call with him and breaks down crying.”

“I told my husband what happened, he told me “I knew said you were gonna do that but I didn’t know you would actually follow through.”

“This morning I woke up to a note on my daughter’s door saying “Until mom can get mental help, I’m staying with Aunt (my sister’s name)” I texted her, no response.”

“I tried contacting my sister, who said she has no plans to return until I “get mental help and stop being such a controlling b*tch.”

“My husband, sister, and mom are all against me in this which hurts. I don’t think it harmed my daughter, it benefits her and helps her stay organized.”

The internet told this mom she’s psychotic, and they couldn’t believe she did this.

“What you did is abuse and looks absolutely psychotic to everyone that’s no you. You sound like the mom from Mommy Dearest. This is a special brand of crazy, not “I’m mentally ill and have problems” it’s “I’m mentally ill and will f*** up other people’s lives.”

“You wrecked your relationship with your daughter because some clothes weren’t folded the way you wanted.”

“What is the goal of your behavior? Is it to prepare your children for the world? Or is it to impress mommy bloggers? Because it really seems like you’re more concerned with *looking* like a good mom than being one. Folding clothes “wrong” isn’t really gonna impact their life in the future. It truly isn’t. They’re folded and put away and that’s what matters. What *is* going to impact them is growing up with a mother who shouts at them and humiliates them and controls them with unnecessary chores and nitpicking.”

“You need to find a therapist immediately. Your daughter has awesome boundaries and it is great that she won’t put up with someone treating her poorly. It is great that your sister is a trusted and supportive adult in your child’s life. I suspect that this is one of many controlling incidents or your daughter would not leave.”

“Honestly, if my mom was this crazy I probably wouldn’t talk to her anymore. All you can really do is apologize and try going to therapy to work on whatever makes you think it’s ok to embarrass your kids like that.”

You can read the rest of what the internet had to say to her here.

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