Jordyn Woods Opens Up About The Whole Tristan Thompson Scandal “It’s Easy To Beat Yourself Up Over Things That You Could Have Done Differently”

Jordyn Woods found herself all over the headlines after her cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson came out.

Following that, it was even addressed on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, making it even more public and talked about then it already was.

In case you need a quick recap, Jordyn and Tristan made out while he was still very much so in a relationship with Khloé Kardashian and expecting a baby with her. Jordyn also sat on Tristan’s lap and stayed overnight at his place.

Following all of this, none of the Kardashians wanted anything to do with Jordyn (especially Kylie, who was her best friend).

Jordyn has really flown under the radar since then, but she recently chose to open up about the whole thing.

Instagram; Jordyn and Kylie are pictured above together

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