A Guy Asked Her Out On A Date And When She Said She Was Starving, He Said He Already Ate

She went on about the man’s awkward mannerisms, but the worst part was when the time came to order food. Having eaten nothing but a salad all day, Rachel was starving and ready to eat.

He seemed to share her enthusiasm, but when the waiter showed up, he refused to order any food. Instead, he insisted that she could order anything she wanted. Apparently, he had eaten dinner thirty minutes before the date!

In an attempt to defuse the awkwardness of the situation, Rachel wound up ordering a cheese plate for dinner. She advises all the men out there to never invite a girl out to a restaurant and refuse to eat.

Not wanting to continue the date any longer, Rachel told the guy that she had an appointment to get her lips done in the morning. Therefore she could not have any more drinks due to the alcohol potentially causing a bad reaction to her lips later. A clever excuse, is it not?

To finally satisfy her hunger, Rachel made Japanese fried rice from Trader Joe’s at 11:30 P.M. after returning home.

She asserts in her video that there will not be a second date.


I didn’t even have time to finish fully but like… never again ? #dating #hinge #baddatestory #physicianassistant #pastudent

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