Scosche FlipSYNC Emergency USB iPhone Charger Keychain Review

Scosche FlipSYNC is a key fob that [impressively] houses a fully functional iPhone/iPod/iPad charger. It’s the ultimate keychain dongle for any iDevice user. The small black plastic keychain transforms into a regular USB 2.0 charging/sync cable; 30 pin dock connector on one side and USB on the other. It doesn’t offer a lot of cable slack, so we’d classify it as the best emergency charger on the market.

FlipSYNC is relatively small for a keychain. It is average size for a regular RFID key fob, measuring less than 2 inches long. It will no doubt impress your friends when you show them what it actually is. To use it, first pull on the side of FlipSYNC labeled 1; this is the 30 pin dock connector. This creates enough slack to pull the USB side, labeled 2, from the fob.  The length of the cable between the connectors is about three inches. The length including the connectors is about five inches. It’s unlikely this will be your go-to charging/syncing cable, but again… it’s ideal for emergencies!

It’s only $20! This is a small price to pay to always have a phone (or gadget) with enough juice to last. You could even justify it as the most useful transformer toy ever! It’s extremely comforting to always have a charger by your side. These days it’s just as easy to find an empty USB port as it is an available plug outlet (maybe easier). FlipSYNC is available from Scosche.com. FlipSYNC is also available as a micro-USB and mini-USB to USB keychain.

Good: Affordable, ideal for emergencies, it’s a keychain, impresses friends
Bad: A little more slack for the cable would be nice

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