GadgiT-Mat Laptop Mouse Platform Keeps Things Ergonomic

Ok, so at first glance, the laptop mouse platform resembles something that you would find on one of those cheesy late night TV commercials. But you know what, this product has got some merit, so before you turn away, hear it out. To sum up, the GadgiT-Mat Laptop Mouse Platform is essentially a platform extension for your laptop that allows you too use your mouse comfortably.

It’s designed for those times when you’re not working at a desk or table, but on your laptop or wherever, and you don’t want to have to give up working with a mouse. And who does, after all it’s so much more of an efficient experience using a mouse rather than your laptop’s cramped track pad.

The GadgiT-Mat Laptop Mouse Platform retails for 20.00 GBP (about $32 USD).

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