Chance Kinney

From Modesto, California, Chance received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from UCLA and a Master's Degree in International Relations from University College Dublin. He loves to travel, and is always looking for interesting people and their stories wherever he goes. He currently lives in San Francisco.

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    This Weekend’s Episode of Game of Thrones Has Been Leaked

    It has not been a good week for HBO. It started off with a huge security breach that resulted in 1.5 TB of data getting stolen, including episodes, scripts, and private information of employees. Now at the end of the week, they’re having to deal with this weekend’s episode of Game of Thrones getting leaked — and […]

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    No, That New NASA Job is Not For Protecting Earth Against Aliens

    Everyone talking about NASA hiring someone to protect Earth against aliens needs to pump the brakes, because the main task of their Planetary Protection Officer position is something that makes a whole lot more sense considering the state of this planet — it’s to protect every other planet from Earth. You can check out the whole […]

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    Dunkin’ Donuts is About to Change Its Name

    I hope you’re sitting down, preferably with an iced coffee and a glazed donut, because this news is going to hit you hard. Dunkin’ Donuts, one of the nation’s most beloved stops on the way to work, is getting a new name, kinda. In what may really just be cost-cutting measure, Dunkin’ Donuts is about […]

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    The Wonder Woman TV Series Isn’t Going to Happen

    We’ve heard of movies getting so popular that they launch TV shows, but this is a new one. For years, The CW was kicking around a show called Amazon that would have served as an origin tale for Wonder Woman. The show never got off the ground, and now it never will — the movie was so […]

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    If You Have One of These Glitter iPhone Cases, It Could Be Dangerous

    We like glitter as much as the next person, but when it comes to smartphones cases, it’s far from gold. Reports of skin irritation and burns after coming into contact with broken glitter cases has caused one company to issue a recall of 275,000 cases. The company in question is MixBin, and while you might […]

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    New Nintendo 2DS XL Review

    In a couple ways, the New Nintendo 2DS XL was a long time coming. Despite there being tons of handheld systems released in the Nintendo 3DS family, the New 2DS XL looked like it was going to hit a sweet spot when it was announced. I still remember being perplexed when I saw the (now-discounted) […]

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    The CW Confirms Another Huge DC Crossover Involving Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash This Season

    To no one’s surprise, all four DC Comics shows on The CW — Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow — all got renewed for new seasons well before their most recent season finales even aired. With a successful crossover event going down last year, you knew those showrunners would try to top themselves! Yesterday, the CW confirmed that a […]

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    Here’s the First Look at Zazie Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2

    Thanks to a massive take at the box office, Deadpool got a sequel confirmed less than a month after the movie hit theaters. Since then, it’s been touch and go — there’s been a lot of hype around Domino and Cable joining Deadpool this time around, but the movie also had to change directors partway through production. […]

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    Funko’s Justice League Figurines are SUPER Adorable

    For the next great superhero get-together, it’s only appropriate that Funko is drawing from the power of just about all of their figurine lines! With Justice League just a few months away, the figurine masters are preparing a ton of new goodies for DC fans, covering the whole League and then some. You know we’ve got […]

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    Nintendo SNES Classic Preorders Start This Month

    After an NES Classic launch criticized for not having nearly enough supply to meet demand, Nintendo is looking to get things right the second time. They’re following it up with the SNES Classic, a box resembling their 16-bit console loaded up with 21 games from what might be Nintendo’s best library of games ever. What […]

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    Did Arcade Fire Really Put Their Latest Album on a Fidget Spinner?

    CDs spin, fidget spinners spin. It checks out, right? Arcade Fire is ready to drop their fifth studio album, Everything Now, and they’ve decided to let everyone know with their own…special brand of marketing. The band claimed to have sold the album on a USB key set inside a fidget spinner, and we’ve really got no […]

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    New Report Reveals That Netflix is in a Jaw-Dropping Amount of Debt

    Earlier this year, we found out for sure what we kind of already figured — Netflix is the most popular streaming service by a wide margin. But, like so many tech companies these days, Netflix put growth before profits in order to attract more early investment, and it’s looking more and more like the company’s day […]

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    Published HomePod Firmware Might Have Just Confirmed Some iPhone 8 Rumors

    In an unusual move for Apple, the company announced a product that they weren’t ready to ship right after. In June at WWDC, Apple showed off the HomePod, the Siri version of Amazon Echo and Google Home, but revealed that their smart speaker wouldn’t ship until December. It’s a decision that’s coming back to haunt […]

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    The Phiaton BT 390 Aims to be Great Budget Bluetooth Travel Headphones

    Wireless on-ear headphones have gone down in price pretty quickly! We were already seeing sub-$100 Bluetooth headphones as soon as last year, but it’s still been tough to find the right mix of price and quality — both in audio and durability. We might now have that right mix courtesy of an audio company that […]

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    You Can Now Buy the Snapchat Spectacles on Amazon

    Snap, Inc. saw some success when they tried to drum up excitement over Spectacles by restricting supply — there was a frenzy over the camera sunglasses when vending machines started popping up in just a few major U.S. cities. Once the excitement faded a bit, Snap started selling them online on their own website, and now […]