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    Google Wants This New Chrome OS Education Tablet in Classrooms Across the Nation

    Unless you’re a teacher, your concept of what the inside of a grade school classroom looks like freezes the day you graduate from high school — it’s the first step we take toward becoming out-of-touch adults! So, it’s all too easy to not realize just how tech-friendly a lot of classrooms are today. For years now, […]

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    15 Ways Recycled Ocean Plastic Has Been Turned Into Something Awesome

    There are three big problems with plastic waste in the ocean, and two are obvious — how we clean it up, and how we stop it from getting there in the first place. The third problem isn’t as obvious, and it’s not as simply answered — what do we do with all the plastic waste once it’s […]

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    This Overwatch Fan Art Perfectly Captures Each Hero’s Personality!

    Among other things, Overwatch does a great job giving all its heroes a ton of personality — something not lost on moni158 of DeviantArt! Their fun Overwatch fan art has fun with all the game’s expressive (and, um, not so expressive) characters, and does it in a lighter, cartoony style we love. Check out some of their work below, and if […]

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    Static Electricity Robots are Helping Nike Pump Out Sneakers Way Faster

    Usually when we hear about robots coming for jobs, we’re reassured by the voices telling us that there are still plenty of jobs robots won’t be able to do. Unfortunately, that reassurance has a nasty habit of not lasting very long. Case in point: the sneaker business. Robots have been used in shoe manufacturing for […]

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    9 Offbeat Pokemon Games We Love

    Would we be good just playing the main series Pokémon games from Red and Blue all the way down to Sun and Moon and whatever’s in store for the Switch? Sure! Grueling breeding and training programs to mechanistically produce perfect fighting machines never gets old. But, the Pokémon series has always had a fun, wacky […]

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    10 Brilliant Ideas that Could Help Save the World’s Oceans

    Our oceans are in a dire state. This week, a comprehensive new study on the infamous patch of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean was released, and the results were staggering — a 600,000-square mile area now contains about 80,000 tons of plastic. The patch is just one of many that exist around the world, with […]

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    A Tiny Robot Fish is Now Helping Researchers Keep an Eye on the Oceans

    The oceans have always been a rewarding place for researchers to explore, but rising temperatures and growing islands of plastic waste have added a sense of urgency. Monitoring the oceans hasn’t gotten all that much easier over the years, either — improvements to robotics and sensor tech doesn’t mean much when we’re still largely blind underwater. […]

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    This Art Nouveau Sailor Moon Fan Art is Simply Gorgeous

    We always love giving love to one of our favorite fan artists! Hannah Alexander draws characters from all across pop culture in a wonderful art nouveau style, and she invents some stunning outfit redesigns while she’s at it. Today we’ll look back on her Sailor Moon fan art series, which puts the soldiers in some […]

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    These are the 11 Biggest Tech Companies in the World, For Now Anyway

    It’s been a wild 2018! Tech companies were pummeled in the stock market in February, Facebook is currently in the process of losing billions of dollars in value in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and the former third-biggest company just recently leapfrogged the former number two. What we’re saying is, how much a […]

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    This Incredible Artist Drew Final Fantasy Fan Art in a Lighthearted Disney Style

    David Ardinaryas Lojaya is a masterful Indonesian artist with a huge body of work, and we couldn’t help but fall in love with what he did with his Final Fantasy fan art. He’s drawn characters from across the series’ history in almost Disney-like style, with a certain cute expressiveness that we’re suckers for. Also, it’s […]

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    This Overwatch Fan Art Puts the Hammer Down

    Did this Overwatch fan art hit us as hard as an Earthshatter? Well, I don’t know, Rein’s Earthshatter looks like it would hurt a bunch! Either way, the art of Aelini and nakanoart is pretty awesome, with each artist putting their own unique spin on the heroes. Aelini does some fine work with portraits and fine details, while nakanoart employs a more anime-inspired […]

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    10 of the Most Memorable Video Game Movies of All Time

    A lot of people like to recap the best or the worst of something, but when it comes to video game movies, that’s no fun. Did you remember Dwayne Johnson was in a Doom movie? Maybe you did, but I forgot! Did you remember that a Hitman movie exists, at all? Did you forget Street Fighter: The Legend […]

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    These Realistic Drawings of Some of Your Favorite Childhood Cartoons are Simply Stunning

    We’re going back in time with a twist! Isabelle Staub is a master at turning animated characters into realistic drawings, and some of her subjects include our favorite childhood cartoons! She’s got some great takes on the Powerpuff Girls (including Bliss!), plus quite a few others you’ll definitely remember. Check them out, and if you’re […]