Video Recording Headphones are Confusing, but Smart

I almost feel the need to apologize for bringing up yet another brand of headphones, but SoundSight, to their credit, do have a new approach. These are headphones that can record video, creating music videos out of the music you listen to and the action around you.

With six microphones and a camera, the SoundSight Headphones let you set your life to music, if other people want to watch that. The big selling point is that, using the companion app, you can record or livestream video while you use the headphones. If you record video, you can use the app to edit your videos or splice in different tracks in your collection before sharing. Video can be recorded or streamed in 1080p, and you can turn part of the earcup that houses the camera to adjust the viewing angle, to make sure you get your shot right.

These headphones also have active noise cancellation, along with the option to go wireless. Put those two features together with all the video and audio recording technology packed in, and you have battery questions. With all features activated, SoundSight says you’ll only be getting about four hours worth of battery life from these headphones. That gets better if you don’t record or livestream, improving to 18 hours with just active noise cancellation turned on and 24 hours in passive mode.

Long story short, if you’ve always wanted to record video of yourself walking down the street along to Super Mario Bros music, these are the headphones for you. Of course, you might also want to wait a while if you’re interested—SoundSight has an SDK out, so look out for third-party apps and accessories that could make SoundSight a little more attractive. If waiting isn’t your thing, you can pre-order a set for $350. Might want to consider that, because once the pre-orders are gone, the retail price will be $500.

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