ExoLens Case for iPhone 7 Lets You Use Pro-Level Camera Lenses

ExoLens has proved to be an interesting solution to iPhone photography logistics with their clip-on high-end photo lenses and iPhone cases. They are improving upon this idea with a case for the iPhone 7 that is a super durable dual-layer case that provides plenty of protection while also opting for camera lens attachments as desired.

Getting that perfect shot with the iPhone also sometimes, unfortunately, involves collateral damage from dropping your phone. That is why the ExoLens is a great choice for both protection and camera attachment functionality. And when they say camera lens attachments, they are not messing around. The ExoLens Pro with Optics Wide Angle Lens by Zeiss is a $199 high-end lens attachment sold on the Apple Store and with a patented anti-reflective coating and integrated cold-shoe mount.

Past iterations of the ExoLens featured the case with either two or four photo-enhancing interchangeable lens attachments and a wrist leash for $34.95 or $49.95 respectively. Those lenses included a Telephoto Lens, a Polarizing Filter, a 2-in-1 Wide-Angle, and a Macro 13x Lens. For a gander at that model see the ExoLens site here. So likely the iPhone 7 model that will be available this quarter is likely to be fairly similar but also able to switch between the higher end lenses by Zeiss.