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Get Paid $40k & Live In Luxury For Free To Be A Live-In Nanny For 2 Cute Dogs

Dream job alert! Considering a career change for 2020? Well, if you love dogs I have the career for you!

A couple in Knightsbridge, (which is part of the upscale London borough known as Kensington) is looking for the perfect person to take care of their 2 Golden Retrievers named Milo and Oscar in their luxury townhouse.

The salary pays about $40,000 a year, and you don’t have to pay any rent since this is a live-in position.

The couple has a 6 story townhome in Knightsbridge, and after a quick search, homes like that go for around $16 million dollars.

You’ll definitely be living in the lap of luxury!

Check out all the details on the next page, plus how you can apply!

I couldn’t actually find a picture of Milo and Oscar, but I’m sure they’re cute because all dogs are that’s just the rule!

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