Her Roommate Can No Longer Afford To Feed Herself Because She Spends Her Money On Other Things, But Now Her Roommate Constantly Makes Comments About How Great Her Food Looks

But in the meantime, her roommate constantly comments on her food; how delicious it smells, how good it looks.

Her roommate will also ask her to give her food while constantly bringing up how hungry she is. She feels terrible for her roommate, but she doesn’t have enough money to feed herself and her roommate too.

“She doesn’t even have to live here,” she continued. “She is not tied to the lease; if she can’t afford it, she can move out.”

“She has the option of living at home. She hasn’t even paid me back for the groceries I got her over a week ago.”

“I love her as a friend and love having her around the house, but I don’t know how to handle this. How should I go about handling this situation?”

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