MAC Cosmetics Quite Cute Collection Gets Facebook Pinball Game

Bored and looking for something fun to do in between updating your Facebook status. Well  M∙A∙C Cosmetics has developed a virtual pinball application for their Facebook Page, to coincide with the launch of their Quite Cute Collection.  “Quite Cute Pinball” is a retro-fun pinball game based on Japan’s youthful culture of cute. It also reminds me a bit of TokiDoki. The game centers on pastel shades and offbeat icons of the M∙A∙C Quite Cute collection and is easy to play and the kind of game anyone can pick up in a snap. There is a main board as well as two bonus levels to unlock, and players can chart their ranking among their friends and the Facebook community as a whole. Players can also invite friends to join in and share their accomplishments via newsfeed, including scores, special pinballs unlocked and bonus gameboards unlocked.  Too bad depending on how high your score gets, you can’t unlock MAC coupons. Then we know a few people who would play all day.

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