She’s A Paramedic, And She Was Called To A Home Where An Exorcism Was Being Performed On A Woman

Photo 41854413 © Hongqi Zhang (aka Michael Zhang) - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Exorcisms aren’t just something seen in movies. This real-life practice of expelling evil has been around for centuries, and scarily enough, it even occurs in modern times.

Stacy (@lightssirensaction) is a paramedic, and she’s on TikTok detailing the time she got a call to a house where an exorcism was being performed.

One night, she and her partners were dispatched to the home of a 45-year-old woman who was having seizures. They all thought it was just going to be a normal day in the world of emergency medical care, but they were told to stage the ambulance.

The principle of staging requires EMS providers to park out of view of the scene until police have secured a potentially dangerous scene. Stacy found it odd because they usually did not do staging for seizure patients, but they did what they were told.

Finally, the dispatcher informed them that the scene was safe, so they headed over to the house. On the way there, the dispatcher kept asking for their estimated arrival time, so they knew something bad was happening on the scene. However, no details were given to them over the radio.

When they arrived, police officers met them at the doors and asked the paramedics if they were still needed.

They seemed a little jumpy, so Stacy told them to stay while she figured out what was happening. The supervisor informed her that it was just seizures, but another officer stated that they had never seen seizures of that kind before.

As Stacy and her partners walked into the living room of the house, they saw a woman lying on the floor with her body contorted in a way that seemed totally inhuman.

Standing next to her was a man dressed in a suit, which was very strange attire for the middle of the night. He spoke in Spanish, telling Stacy that he was the woman’s husband.

Photo 41854413 © Hongqi Zhang (aka Michael Zhang) – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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