15 Years Ago, Her Killer Strangled Her And Then Posed Her Unclothed Body 30 Miles From Her Home In 2007, But There’s Virtually No Evidence That Can Help Solve Her Case

In 2007, Karen Bodine of Olympia, Washington, was thirty-seven years old. She had three children and was known as a warmhearted mother and friend.

But, early that year, the Bodine family’s lives changed forever.

On January 21, Karen was found wandering the streets in Lacey, Washington– a suburb of Olympia. A neighbor had been worried about the mom who had been walking without a coat in the freezing weather, and called the police.

But, after the officers arrived, Karen told them she was fine.

At the same time, the mom had been staying with a friend after being forced to leave home due to a domestic incident with her partner.

And the following day of January 22, Karen’s friend had some guests over to their home. The group was reportedly known to do drugs and remembered seeing the mom leave on foot at about 3:00 a.m.

After that, though, Karen was never seen alive again.

Instead, her body was discovered on the morning of January 23 at the base of a gravel pit in Rochester, Washington– a town about thirty miles away from Karen’s home. She was found nude, with her body posed in an unnatural position.

Facebook; pictured above is Karen

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