After His Mom Stopped Her Car On A Dirt Road, A Man Popped Up Out Of Nowhere And Started Running At Her Before Hiding In A Ditch

Jason Yoder - - illustrative purposes only

Have your parents ever told you a story from their past that really stuck with you?

One man’s mother told him a story about something that happened to her in Montana, and it’s impacted him ever since he heard it.

His mom was born and raised on a ranch in east-central Montana. He describes her dad, his grandfather, as a “genuine cowboy,” and they basically lived out in the middle of nowhere. 

“It’s wide open and flat grassland with low rolling hills,” he said.

“The only traces of human activity you will find out there are the fence posts and maybe a windmill or an old, abandoned barn or house.”

His mother’s family ranch is extremely far from the nearest small town. It takes approximately two hours to get there by car, so trips into town for groceries and supplies were sparse. 

His mom was 19-years-old and still living with her parents on the ranch when he was born. On one hot summer day when he was eight-months-old, his mom had a terrifying experience while driving with him into town to get more baby supplies. 

She put him in his car seat in the backseat of her car and started the two-hour drive into town. While driving down the isolated dirt road, she started digging in her purse for something and accidentally dropped it under the passenger seat.

She stopped the car to grab what she needed. When she sat back up and looked in her rearview mirror, she saw something you wouldn’t expect to see in the middle of nowhere.

Jason Yoder – – illustrative purposes only

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