Her Wedding Is Less Than A Week Away, But She Doesn’t Want Her Brother-In-Law To Be A Groomsman Anymore Because He Still Hasn’t Gotten The Right Suit

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If you’ve ever gotten married, did you have anyone in your wedding party drop the ball and fail at their responsibilities?

One woman no longer wants her future brother-in-law to be a groomsman at her upcoming wedding because he failed to order the suit he’ll need on time.

She’s 31 and engaged to her fiancé, Aaron. They’ll be getting married very soon at their wedding in a different state, and she’s super excited.

There are four bridesmaids and four groomsmen, one of them being Aaron’s 42-year-old brother, Drew. As soon as she got engaged over a year ago, she was very diligent about planning the wedding. She and Aaron secured a wedding date after two days of being engaged, and all of their loved ones and those in the wedding party have had all the information they’ll need for a while now.

Everyone in the wedding party has been pretty good about handling their responsibilities, except for Drew, that is.

“We, Aaron and I, the other groomsmen, and my in-laws have been reminding Drew of the suit for months now,” she said.

“He has known the style color, where to go, all of the information for a minimum of six months. We even offered to pay for it, as I did for my bridesmaids’ dresses. Drew has had plenty of time to get the suit or express that he hasn’t. We’ve asked numerous times if he had the suit, and he said it was taken care of.”

Despite all the time Drew had to get his suit, he called her and Aaron less than a week before the wedding to let them know he didn’t have it and wouldn’t have it by the time he had to hit the road to get to their venue.

“The suits were custom ordered due to the color, and [it] took weeks for the other groomsmen to get them in,” she said.

Photo 99967365 – © Wavebreakmedia Ltd – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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