He Sent His Parents An Itemized Bill Of All The Things He Had To Pay For On His Own And Said He Was Willing To Sell Them His Forgiveness

kiuikson -, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

The minute this 34-year-old man turned 18 years old, his parents expected him to be fully independent.

In fact, his parents gave him all the money they had saved up for his education– totaling $5,000. Then, they began charging him rent at $500 per month.

Thankfully, he did receive a partial scholarship for college. He was also lucky enough to land a job in the city where he planned to pursue college. So, he was able to move there and start working before the school year even began.

“And with my parents’ money, my scholarship, and my wages, I was able to scrape by,” he recalled.

Being that he was so busy, though, he rarely spoke to his parents. Then, once it was time for his younger siblings to pursue college, he watched as his parents had a drastically different relationship with them.

More specifically, his parents never expected his little siblings to be independent by the time they turned 18. Instead, his siblings were actually allowed to live at home the entire time they completed college and even afterward.

Anyway, he is now 34 years old and reportedly has a “decent” job. He also has an amazing fiancée who he plans to tie the knot with this summer.

He decided to invite his parents and siblings to the wedding, too, despite being treated differently. Yet, his parents ultimately gave him a call after receiving the invitation and asked why they weren’t involved in the event.

He was caught off guard by that question and pointed out how his parents really had not been a part of his life for the past 16 years.

kiuikson –, illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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