She Billed Her Boyfriend For $1,000 After He Left Her Home A Mess And Ate Through All Of Her Groceries While House Sitting For Her For Two Weeks

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When you’re a parent, your grocery bill tends to grow larger and larger, and it can be really frustrating when those groceries get eaten up so much faster than you had anticipated, especially if it wasn’t your kid who ate them all.

One woman told her boyfriend she would bill him $1,000 after he ate that amount of her groceries while housesitting for her with his kid.

She has been dating a man named Jack for two years, but they still live separately as they have their own kids and don’t want to rush into anything. She has twin 13-year-old boys and an 11-year-old daughter, while Jack has a 13-year-old daughter.

Instead of rushing to live together, Jack and his daughter have been staying at her house over the weekend twice a month. So far, things have been going well with this arrangement. However, they’ve recently had an incident involving groceries that they may be unable to move past.

She spends around $1,000 monthly on groceries for her family and the weekends, where she also has to feed Jack and his daughter. She does her best to spread out all those groceries by using a lot of coupons and meal prepping. 

She and her kids recently had to go out of town for two weeks to help her mom move into a retirement community. She has some dehumidifiers in her house she needed emptying and felt more comfortable knowing that someone would be around to take care of her house while her family was gone, so she asked Jack and his daughter if they’d stay there over the two weeks.

This was also like a favor for Jack and his daughter, as they live in a tiny apartment, and she has a large home with a hot tub near the beach. Therefore, it would be like a little staycation for them. Jack and his daughter accepted, and before she left, she purchased $1,092 worth of groceries. She told Jack that he and his daughter could have some, but she expected there’d still be a lot left over when she got home.

Unfortunately, she was wrong, and when her family returned two days earlier than expected, they were in for a rude surprise.

“We got back two days ago and found my house in ruin, practically,” she said.

Mix and Match Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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