His Girlfriend Just Sent Him Steamy Photos That Her Ex-Boyfriend Took Of Her, And He’s Honestly Creeped Out

wavebreak3 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 33-year-old guy has a girlfriend the same age as him that he’s been seeing for 4 months now. Everything with his girlfriend has been going great, and he can already say that he’s in love with her.

Not that long ago, he brought something up to his girlfriend; he would really enjoy taking some steamy photos of her without her clothes on or with her wearing some select pieces of clothing.

He knows this is something that would require his girlfriend to really trust him.

“We’ve talked briefly about how the photos would look aesthetically if this eventually happens, and (skipping unnecessary detail) I described to her that I would like to photograph her back,” he explained.

“Today, she sent me two photographs of herself matching my description. They appear to be photos taken years ago by her ex during one of their camping trips. She is fully nude and descending into water.”

While he wouldn’t categorize these photos as taken from like a really steamy angle, they do fall into what he was talking about wanting to do with her.

He’s positive that his girlfriend sent these photos over to him, thinking that he would really enjoy them, but he ended up having the complete opposite reaction.

He just cannot get over that his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend snapped these photos of her, and it’s creeping him out still.

“If anything, I feel turned off, hurt and confused,” he said. “I fail to comprehend why she would think that I would want to see…photographs that a previous lover took of her during their moment of closeness.”

wavebreak3 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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