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    Instagram is Now a Book Publishing Platform?

    These kids, they just don’t show loyalty to brands like the olden days. Now you have to go on their turf to get their attention to keep getting attention for your brand. So, in an attempt to teach by doing, marketer Jason Sperling is releasing his new how-to in the digital age marketing book bit […]

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    Flatiron Building is Latest to Get LEGO Architecture Treatment

    We’re going to get a full LEGO reconstruction of New York City here pretty soon. The LEGO Architecture line’s newest set is a real New York staple — the Flatiron Building, which has kept watch over Broadway and 5th Avenue for over a hundred years and, thanks to television, is now what many — consciously […]

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    Japanese Food iPhone Case Looks Anything But Delicious

    You ever go to a ramen place, and they have those display bowls that look so real they might as well be considered an art form? Well, we’ve found the iPhone 6 version of that, and it’s called the iMeshi Japanese Food Case for iPhone 6. Apparently, it’s a lot less pleasant than a good […]

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    Father’s Day Gift Guide + Win the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 Smartphone!

    Because the gift of unconditional acceptance of the dadbod takes about as much effort to give as maintenance of the dadbod itself, you’ll need to do a little better come June 21. Fortunately, you might not need to put in all that much effort after all—we’re giving away the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3, one of […]

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    Looking for Free Rent? Install Some Spy Cams is a website that claims to not be pornography. It is, or at least it wants you to provide it — and it’s offering quite the carrot. If you let them put live-streaming cameras around your apartment, they’ll pay your rent for you. Wait, are you a single guy, though? Haha, not you. If […]

  • XC90 T8 Inscription 2016

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    Volvo XC90 Test Drive and First Impressions

    Chinese-owned Swedish car maker is hoping to spice things up this year with the 2016 XC90, the next in their line of mid-size luxury crossover family SUVs.   The 2016 XC90 is mostly riding on its bevy of safety features, which we’ll get to later, but it’s worth noting that some models of the crossover […]

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    Tomorrow Land IMAX Review

    Back in the first half of the 20th century, the common vision of the future was of a utopian society where people moved around in flying jet packs. Years later, the more popular vision of the future for Hollywood is a dystopian one. But in Disney’s Tomorrow Land, much of the film focuses on that […]

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    9 Year-old’s My Little Pony Birthday Cake Wish Goes Awry

    Well, that’s not Rainbow Dash, but it sure is one fantastic jacket. Nine-year-old Evelina of Sicily wanted a My Little Pony cake for her birthday party, but instead got a hard life lesson about disappointment in the form of late Italian singer “Little Tony” Ciacci. Unfortunately, the stylish white jacket wasn’t as magical as friendship, […]

  • basis


    Basis Peak Goes High-End with Luxury Titanium Edition

    Prospective and current owners of the Basis Peak fitness tracker have reason to get excited this week, as Basis has announced a new luxury model along with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit integration. As of this week, you can now purchase a limited edition titanium Basis Peak which, in addition to looking a lot classier […]

  • "terrace"  wallpaper ©2004 twenty2 all rights reserved


    3D Wallpaper Gives You Motion Sickness at Home

    Hey, you know how those found footage horror movie trailers do that thing where they make walls look distorted, like they’re moving? Well, now you can get in on that action in your own home, thanks to these 3D wallpapers! Design studio twenty2 has gotten together with students and faculty from New York’s Pratt Institute […]

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    Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Uses Sci-Fi Movies to Diss Katy Perry

    Ever since Thucydides trashed Herodotus and his shoddy histories in ancient Greece, the diss has persevered and thrived. The ancient Romans were no strangers to the this venerable literary tradition either, with Catullus penning a takedown of another poet and a senator so devastating that for years, scholars shied away from translating its decidedly NSFW […]

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    Is Zoonicorn the Next My Little Pony?

    Because unicorns weren’t already fantastical enough, we now have Zoonicorns! Besides, it was time for a new equine to go up against the My Little Pony machine. An imaginary hybrid of the already imaginary unicorn and the zebra, Zoonicorns are here in a zeal of four and ready to make your kid’s bedroom a little […]

  • the-big-piano-at-fao-schwarz


    FAO Schwarz is Closing their Iconic 5th Avenue Store, New Location Unknown

    This seems more like it’s coming out of Groundhog Day than Big—the flagship FAO Schwarz on Fifth Avenue in New York City is closing once again, and this time, it seems like it may be for good. According to an Associated Press report, current owners Toys ‘R’ Us are closing down the Fifth Avenue location, […]

  • CandyShellFitLifestyle

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    Speck CandyShell Fit Prevents Apple Watch Scuffs and Scratches

    We have to admit, when the Apple Watch came out and took smartwatches mainstream, we didn’t think we were going to see this. But, sure enough, smartphone-like cases are coming to the Apple Watch, and it’s no surprise who the first major player to make one is. Speck is taking the dual-layer protection found in […]

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    Jon Snow’s Sword is More Useful as a Lamp

    I don’t see ThinkGeek carrying any lamps featuring other swords from Game of Thrones, so they either picked Longclaw at random or someone made a deep reference to a popular theory about Jon Snow based on the books. I think it’ll be a lot more fun to go with the latter. This desk lamp uses […]

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    Need Help with Your Makeup? Hi Lovely is Ready to Chat with You

    Pretty soon, getting pretty won’t take so much as one trip outside of the home. Not too long ago, we had the incredible smart makeup face spraying machine, and now we have experts ready to have face-to-face chats about your face. Hi Lovely is made up of a team of hair and makeup experts ready […]

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    Bosch eBikes are Now Available and You’ll Want One – First Impressions

    For decades, North America hasn’t proven to be much of a market for eBikes Systems, but it looks like some major players are starting to think that might be changing. With several major U.S. cities getting more bike-friendly, there’s a belief growing that many who rely on bicycles to commute to work might be interested […]

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    Tony Stark Would Approve of These Iron Man Headphones

    Because Robert Downey Jr. can only be Iron Man forever in your hearts, Marvel is undoubtedly going to do some mantle passing in their cinematic universe in the near (relatively) future. New Avengers have already started cropping up, with others soon to be introduced in their own movies. So, what we’re saying is, get your […]

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    Dual Apple Watch Charging Dock Looks Like a Book

    DODOCase, our favorite bibliophilic accessory maker, is at it again with an organizer for the Apple Watch and iPhone that looks like it’ll fit right in on your bookshelf and make for a useful little travel companion in a pinch, too. The dock is a bound block of Baltic Birch wood with a groove on […]