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    We Pick the Best of MWC 2015

    The world’s biggest showcase for what’s new in mobile has wrapped up, and while this year’s Mobile World Congress was a little smaller than in years past, there was still no shortage of new gadgets to check out. We learned that high-end phones are going to get more luxurious, smartwatches are going to keep getting […]

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    These 5 Tech Powerhouses had Monster Years in 2014

    The tech industry gets money by the truckloads. Over half of the world’s most valuable companies are in the tech industry, if you include the telecom giants. Google, Apple, IBM and Microsoft are the four most valuable companies in the world as of last year, in that order. I don’t suppose that’s a coincidence. Tech’s […]

  • 2015-01-21-Sleep


    How I’ve Become a Human Lab Rat in the Name of Tech

    Ah, the good old days when you plugged in a laptop, booted up a few apps and wrote a review. My life has become damn scary these days as most of the products I look at are actually looking at me. My body fat, my sleep habits, my steps per day, my brain age, my […]

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    Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2015

    If you, like me, have managed to deftly avoid being in a relationship for Valentine’s Day, congratulations! Relax and enjoy your February. Everyone else probably should have gotten cracking on finding a Valentine’s Day gift at least two weeks ago, but I’m guessing that hasn’t happened more often than not. And, while the incredible dispatch […]

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    Date a Geek: Mitchell Oke of CarAdvice

    Due to the controversial popularity of our How to Date a Geek Girl and How to Date a Geek Guy guides, we have introduced a special column featuring real life single geeks. This week, we have interviewed our colleague, Mitchell Oke of CarAdvice.  Tell us a bit about yourself (Age, hometown, what you do for a living): I’m 25 […]

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    What’s in Our CES 2015 Survival Guide?

    There’s probably no higher praise we can give a gadget than putting it in our backpack come CES. It’s arguably the biggest and most grueling week of the year for tech media, and sets the tone for the entire year that follows for the whole consumer electronics industry. We find out who the trend-setters are […]

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    Taylor Swift Shakes Off Spotify, But Not Streaming

    As you no doubt know by now, because you tried to stream “Shake It Off” on Spotify and couldn’t, Taylor Swift has not only refused to release her newest album, 1989, on the streaming service, but has pulled her entire music library. Swift is far from the first artist to butt heads with the world of […]

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    LIM Innovations Looks to Finally Take Prosthetic Legs Into the 21st Century

    Over the past decade, bionic arm technology has moved along at an impressive clip, providing amputees with functional arms and hands capable of managing increasingly complex and delicate tasks. Of course, the robotic arm is easy to appreciate, thanks to its science fiction roots. It’s also easy to track its progress, as more sophisticated machinery […]

  • Ondo


    Am I Pregnant? Tech for That Time of the Month

    Using a basal thermometer to track fertility – whether you’re trying to get pregnant – or to avoid getting pregnant is, pun intended, a hit or miss business. A basal thermometer can detect tiny changes in body temperature that a normal fever thermometer can’t. It turns out that just after ovulation the body releases progesterone, […]

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    5 Reasons It’s Time For A Tech Upgrade

    If you can turn on your computer, get up, brew a pot of coffee, and come back before your computer has booted up, you’re probably still running Windows 98. Please get a new computer. For most of us, the problem is less extreme. Still, even those with a four-year-old computer are losing valuable time—about 13 […]

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    Alibaba IPO Goes Public on NYSE Today – But Does it Help Yahoo?

    The biggest tech IPO of the year is from a company you might not have heard of until recently—Alibaba. And, if truth be told, you’re probably not going to hear that much news about Alibaba post-IPO, either—most of the company’s business is done in its home country of China, where it runs an online marketplace, […]