She Just Found Out Her Husband Booked A $10,000 Vacation Without Telling Her, And She’s Considering Canceling It

Byron Moore - - illustrative purposes only

This 38-year-old woman’s husband, who is 39, booked a beach vacation worth $10,000 back in 2020. But the real kicker was that her husband made all the arrangements without ever telling her!

Apparently, the trip is just a 3-night stay in a “bungalow over the water” at a Sandals resort located in Jamaica. And they are supposed to head there this September.

Upon making the reservation, however, her husband had to put down a hefty deposit of $2,500. Unfortunately, it was also non-refundable.

Anyway, her husband waited until the last possible minute to tell her about this vacation and only filled her in on the plans this past week.

Rather than being excited, though, she is seriously concerned for their finances.

“If we end up going, we are going to need to throw even more money at the trip and book airfare and get passports,” she said.

Yet, her husband keeps trying to pitch the whole vacation as a “once-in-a-lifetime experience.” He claimed that he booked the trip to celebrate both their 20th wedding anniversary and his 40th birthday.

But quite frankly, she feels like the entire idea is just all about her husband.

She is not even a huge fan of traveling. In fact, instead of making her more relaxed, vacations just cause her a bunch of anxiety.

Byron Moore – – illustrative purposes only

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