Six Rose Varieties You Can Actually Eat and The Different Health Benefits They Offer

Ev Thomas - illustrative purposes only

Gardening enthusiasts and culinary adventurers alike often marvel at the idea of edible flowers. Roses, synonymous with love and beauty, are not just a feast for the eyes but can be a tasty and healthful addition to various dishes.

Edible roses open up a new dimension in both gardening and culinary experiences. From their vivid colors to unique flavors and health benefits, they add elegance and creativity to any meal.

But, some rose varieties are better palette pleasers than others simply because they produce larger rose hips to work with (or flowers that are more fragrant).

Here are six edible roses that bring both beauty and taste to your plate that you can incorporate into a new meal.

Damask Rose (Rosa Damascena)

The Damask Rose, often known for its rich pink or white flowers with a heavenly fragrance, is more than just a pretty sight. This rose is rich in vitamins and can aid digestion.

To prepare it for eating, start by gently washing the bloom and plucking the petals. Their sweet and musky flavor is often used in syrups, jams, and teas.

Storing fresh Damask Rose petals is also simple– keep them in a moist paper towel inside an airtight container.

Rosa Rugosa

Ev Thomas – illustrative purposes only

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