She Has More Than 400 Bottles Of Perfume, And She’s Sharing Which 5 Affordable Ones Are The Best

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Everyone wants to smell nice. Most people probably have at least one favorite scent they wear daily. But others like to switch it up and might have as many bottles of perfume as they do articles of clothing.

Do you have a vast assortment of perfumes? Well, I bet it can’t top this fragrance expert’s collection. TikToker Josephine (@jusderose) has always been obsessed with fragrances, and she’s sharing the five she could never live without. So why does she even have 400 bottles of perfume in the first place?

While in college, she aspired to become a neurosurgeon but quickly realized how much schooling that would require. So then, she switched gears and landed on one of her other passions, fragrances.

“I liked the fact that fragrances mix science and creativity, and so I found a master’s degree that covered both the scientific aspects of perfume and also the business side, which was what I was super interested in, too,” elaborated Josephine.

She studied at a perfumery school that many famous perfumers, or “noses” as they’re often called, attended as well. Josephine found the marketing side of perfumery the most interesting, so that was the career path she chose.

Later, she moved to London, where she got her first real job in the beauty industry. For several years, she worked in operational marketing, but the field didn’t feel like a perfect fit.

So that’s when she launched a perfume blog called Jus de Rose. A year ago, she quit her full-time job to focus on her work as a content creator.

“I absolutely love what I do. For me, it’s really important to live out my passion, which is perfume. Now you know why I have over 400 bottles of perfume,” she concluded.

Out of a whopping 400, here are five affordable perfumes from her collection under $60 that Josephine recommends:

Africa Studio – – illustrative purposes only

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