Emotional Support Pets Come In All Shapes And Sizes, And Gertrude The Duck Has To Be One Of Our Favorites

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Animals are a gift to our lives and can provide so much love and comfort to those who need it most. Emotional support pets come in all shapes and sizes.

You’ve most likely seen dogs or horses providing love and emotional support for people, but have you ever seen someone get comforted by a pet duck?

Gertrude, a precious duck with a lovely head of hair, has taken the internet by storm. Gertrude is a 6-year-old Crested Pekin duck who brought lots of love and comfort to her 83-year-old owner, Ernie Taylor, also lovingly known as ‘Poppy.’ 

Ernie’s family owns a property in Butler, Pennsylvania, that is also a rescue for chickens, ducks, and geese that need homes.

At the moment, they currently have 90 animals with them! A few of them belong to the Taylor family and get to spend time in their house like cats or dogs. 

Sadly, Ernie passed away on Thursday, March 30th, at 83. During his final years, he and Gertrude became internet sensations as his family posted videos of them snuggling and hanging out on their viral Instagram page, @mypetducks

“There was never a day where he wasn’t singing, playing the organ, sewing, raising farm animals, or tending to his garden,” Ernie’s family wrote about him on Facebook.

“Most recently, he has spent his days with Gertrude, a crested duck that brought him international fame at the age of 80.”

Gertrude and Ernie’s relationship was astonishing and adorable. Viewers worldwide have been in awe over videos of Ernie sitting at a piano and playing songs for Gertrude or snuggling with her in his recliner chair. 

lasse – – illustrative purposes only

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