This Abandoned Hospital Treated Tuberculosis Patients And Later Became A Psychiatric Facility: Now People Say It’s Haunted

Stefan Schierle - - illustrative purposes only

If you’re a big fan of learning about haunted places, here’s a story about an abandoned 20th-century hospital that sits empty in Newington, Connecticut.

Built in 1910, Cedarcrest Regional Hospital included 128 beds and was founded by the State Tuberculosis Commission for tuberculosis patients.

It was originally named the Hartford County Home for the Care and Treatment of Persons Suffering from Tuberculosis and had a few more name changes throughout its history.

The hospital primarily treated children suffering from tuberculosis. However, as the state gained more control over the bacterial disease, the hospital was used for other purposes.

It was eventually named Cedarcrest Hospital in the 1970s and became a psychiatric facility for treating those dealing with addiction and mental illness.

The hospital, which is tucked away in a wooded area, served patients for years before closing down in 2010. A few of the buildings on the hospital’s campus were demolished, and any patients still being treated at the hospital were moved to a different facility.

Not long after the hospital shut down, people began to visit the abandoned building, and rumors of it being haunted circulated.

The hospital is closed to the public and is now surrounded by security measures, including cameras and fencing. Entering the hospital is considered illegal now, but it hasn’t stopped people from trying to get a good look at the deserted building.

Like many abandoned hospitals, Cedarcrest has its fair share of ghost-sighting stories. Those who have ventured out to the building have heard the sound of screams and slamming doors. The inside of the building is exceptionally eerie as it has begun to crumble.

Stefan Schierle – – illustrative purposes only

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