She Went Out On A Horrible Date With A Guy Who Barely Spoke The Entire Time And Turned Out To Be A Smelly And Filthy Catfish

Photo 183099583 © Look Studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One of the worst first date behaviors you can ever encounter is a man showing up in dirty clothes and smelling like body odor. A TikTok user named Tianna Reese (@tiannarreese) is describing a bad date she went on with a catfish. He was grimy, filthy, smelly, and barely talked the entire time.

She matched with a guy on a dating app, and he seemed cute in the pictures he had up on his profile. But he only had three pictures, so it was hard to tell what he really looked like. Their conversations weren’t great, and there wasn’t a whole lot of back and forth.

However, she still decided to give him a chance anyway, thinking that he just might not be as talkative as she was.

Then, he asked for her phone number so they wouldn’t have to message on the app anymore. They texted for two or three days, and in that time, she found out that he worked in sewage maintenance.

He asked her out for lunch, and they planned for Friday at 1:30. He also picked a restaurant that wasn’t too far from her house. But about half an hour before they were supposed to meet up, he texted her, telling her that he had to work a little bit later than usual and he wanted to go home to shower after work.

So, they moved the date an hour later to 2:30. When they pulled up to the restaurant in their cars, he called her to let her know that it was closed. She suggested another place that was a five-minute drive away.

After they parked and emerged from their vehicles, she saw that he looked nothing like the three pictures from his profile. He was also missing some teeth.

The worst part was that he was visibly dirty. He was wearing jeans and a yellow shirt that appeared to have dirt stains. His face was even smudged with dirt. Tianna was confused because he had specifically requested to meet later so he could go home to shower, yet he showed up looking unclean.

The whole time, Tianna had to carry the conversation. Every time she tried to ask him a question to get to know him better, he would repeat it back to her. When their food arrived, he tried to hold her hand while she was eating. He also told their waitress to keep bringing Tianna drinks as if he was trying to get her drunk.

Photo 183099583 © Look Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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