She Discovered Her Boyfriend Was Cheating After She Looked At His “Spotify Wrapped” And Realized A Specific R&B Track That His Ex-Girlfriend Loved Listening To Was His Top Song For The Year

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Music streaming apps can be good for lots of things. They offer millions of songs that you can put on to pass the time or listen to when you need motivation at the gym. They also allow you to create and share playlists with ease.

Some, like Spotify, will even compile statistics of your activities at the end of each year so you can view your top listening moments. However, this feature just so happens to contribute to the downfall of many relationships.

TikToker Louisa Melcher (@loulouorange) found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her after looking through his Spotify Wrapped. Here’s how she was able to piece two and two together.

When she and her boyfriend had their first kiss, he put on an R&B track that she had never heard before but wasn’t really a fan of, so she told him to turn it off. He apologized and revealed that his ex-girlfriend loved listening to that song.

She was confused as to why he had mentioned that at all, especially since she didn’t particularly want to know about his past relationships. However, it didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, and they were able to move past it pretty quickly.

Fast forward to eighteen months later, and Louisa and her boyfriend were living together. She knew he only listened to music when he was at the gym, so after she saw his Spotify Wrapped, she was surprised that the R&B track was the song he had listened to the most all year.

She figured that there were two explanations for why the track was in the number one spot. One, he had been thinking about his ex a lot, or two, he was playing the song every time he hooked up with his ex behind her back. So, she accused him of getting with his ex, and it turned out to be true. Ultimately, they broke up and are no longer in a relationship.

In the caption of the video, she wrote, “If only Spotify Wrapped had dropped 6 days earlier, I could have saved $15k on my wedding venue deposit.”

Several TikTok users took to the comments section to disclose how they also discovered that their significant others were being unfaithful through music streaming platforms.

VK Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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