She Got Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From Her Scented Candles

Jonathan - - illustrative purposes only

‘Tis the season for lighting holiday-themed scented candles, filling the air with festive fragrances such as pine, peppermint, and Christmas cookies.

As the days grow darker, candlelight can help brighten gloomy evenings. Plus, the soft, cozy glow of the flickering flame is soothing, putting us into a relaxed state.

This winter ritual is one of life’s simplest pleasures. Unfortunately, it can quickly become very complicated, as burning your favorite holiday candles has hidden dangers.

TikToker Emy Moore (@emymoore3) is talking about how she landed herself in the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning after burning five scented candles in her room for several hours.

Right before she went to sleep, she blew out the candles and then got into bed. As she tried to fall asleep, she experienced some weird sensations in her body.

“I felt like my body dropped. I don’t know how to explain it, but my body separated like there [were] two of me,” said Emy.

She added that she heard a voice telling her something was wrong. She got out of bed, feeling like her chest had caved in. Her heart was also beating rapidly.

She noted that she had struggled with anxiety and panic attacks in the past, but she knew this feeling was different. She decided to wake her parents and tell them that she needed to go to the hospital.

Then, she listed the symptoms she experienced. She said that her memory had become very spotty, her tongue went numb as if she had forgotten how to speak, and she was shaking from head to toe.

Jonathan – – illustrative purposes only

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