She Wants To Dissociate Herself From A Friend Who Has A Kid Because The Child Is Always Brought Along To Hangouts

rh2010 - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For most of this woman’s adult life, she’s always had friends who had kids. And she never really minded that, even though she’s not interested in having children of her own.

“I love children and truly feel they can be funny and adorable at times,” she said.

However, she has one particular friend with a kid whom she is now avoiding hanging out with.

For context, she knows from past experience that whenever her friends bring their kids along to hangouts, they are constantly distracted or occupied tending to the children.

“I find that it’s hard to hang out or socialize with my friends when their kids are around, which has recently started to become annoying,” she explained.

And she knows that her one friend will definitely bring their 1-year-old daughter if they hang out. The last time they got together, for instance, the baby girl was there, and she had no clue her friend was bringing their child.

It also made matters worse that they planned to watch a movie, and having the baby there made enjoying the film pretty impossible.

“My friend never mentioned it,” she recalled.

“I figured my friend would have her partner watch the little one so she could actually watch the movie and be able to hang out instead of having to tend to the baby the whole time.”

rh2010 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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